Wednesday, October 15, 2008

MapFish 1.0 is released

The MapFish Team is proud to announce MapFish 1.0!

The source archives are available here.

Demos and examples are here.

MapFish-1.0 is based on OpenLayers-2.7.

The main new features of this release are:

MapFish Client
- print widgets
- radio buttons in layer tree for base layers
- mapfish.Protocol.MapFish (based on OpenLayers' new Protocol abstraction)
- protocol-based searchers
- upgrade to Ext 2.2
- the online API doc

MapFish Server Framework (Pylons-based development framework)
- feature editing support through an implementation of the MapFish Protocol
- a print proxy for interacting with the print library

MapFish Library
- add read support to the Java GeoJSON library
- a Java library to print pdf files

Please take a look at that release's wiki page. Note the HowToMigrateToMapFishServer1.0 page, this may help convert your applications to using MapFish 1.0.

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Erik said...

Congrats on the release!