Saturday, November 29, 2008

[off-topic] OpenStreetMap with my Geko 201

I'm now a big fan of OpenStreetMap. The speed of data creation is incredible: It will be soon a very good global geodata source... for free... Let me explain the steps I use to generate new data with my Geoko 201:
1. I ride my mountain bike (GPS acquisition interval is set to 5s) or I drive my car (acquisition interval: 1s)
2. I use EasyGps to create a gpx file (
3. The gpx file is then uploaded into OpenStreetMap
4. Then potlatch is used to digitize the roads and to define the streets name
5. ... and I have to wait until next wednesday to see the data in OpenStreetMap...
That's it !

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François Van Der Biest said...

Hi Cedric,

I'm pleased to hear you're an OSMer now !

Some hints though :

- gpsbabel is a very powerful and opensource software for creating GPX, from NMEA for instance (I guess you use easygps to do so). You should give it a try. It's available for linux, mac, win...

- DO NOT copy the street names from google maps ! This information is copyrighted too. There can be harmful easter eggs inside...

- if you can't wait to see your recent edits, you can go to zoom level 12 of and press 'r' when you mouse is above the tile you're interested in. You just have to wait 5 to 30 minutes to see it refreshed ! (hit reload, or disable browser cache)