Thursday, December 11, 2008

GeoExt, but why ??

In the last few days, a lot of activities happened around GeoExt.

But, what is the goal of GeoExt and how is it related to MapFish ?

- The goal of the GeoExt library is to aggregate OpenLayers and ExtJS in order to provide easy to use components for the creation of client UI. In my dreams, I see this kind of application with map based components for the configuration of web mapping solutions
- MapFish uses GeoExt as a standalone library and has specific client components based on GeoExt.
- GeoExt is server agnostic.
- MapFish server is able to work with GeoExt components.

The creation GeoExt library has just been initiated, but I will soon be able to present nice things part of this library.


Zac Spitzer / Fastmovingtarget said...

Aside from being based on EXT, how does this compare with Fusion?

Cédric@camptocamp said...

I'm not a Fusion specialist, but I see some differences:
- GeoExt is server agnostic, Fusion has been built to work with MapGuide and MapServer
- We will probably see differences in the way the client is configured (xml for Fusion / json for GeoExt and ExtJS)
- The server part of MapFish is also "database"/"cartographic server" agnostic. All the communication is based on open protocols/formats like WMS / WFS / GeoJSon / SQLAlchemy etc..
I also think that EXTJs provides a great basis of UI components (see so that GeoExt can concentrate itself on mapping components.

Cédric@camptocamp said...

And I forgot to say that GeoExt is a pure javascript library, without any server components