Monday, December 29, 2008

JavaScript for Object-Oriented Programmers

I have to confess that I'm novice in JavaScript development. I used to developp in C# (I spent several years with a friend to developp the computation part of Topobase Survey), in C (for a 3D Raster visualization package) or in Java (Ilix).
I heard "JavaScript is object oriented", so I thought "Fine, it will be a piece of cake to write some JavaScript code"... As I had vacation and tons of ideas, I started to copy-paste some code. Quite easy at the the beginning, but when I wanted to organize my code and use complex code, I had to admit that I didn't understood everything what I copied...
The light came when I read the fantastic text: JavaScript for Object-Oriented Programmers... and at the end of the lecture, I remembered what Eric said to me "Why do you say that JavaScript is unclear when you don't know it ?" (cf. The World's Most Misunderstood Programming Language) ...
It's now the good time to read the Ext Manual.

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