Monday, February 2, 2009

MapFish trac has been updated

The MapFish trac has been updated in order to provide a more intuitive navigation.
Any feedback or remark welcome !


Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas (XuRxO) said...


Updating and customizing the trac is always a good idea as you put your "brand" on it.

But on the mapfish case I don't like at all the left bar. The white space above and below links are useless.

I would put those "secondary links" (drupal slang) below the primary ones (wiki, timeline..), or maybe on the second bar just below the mapfish logo, or just on the right side of the logo, filling that big orange space. I think you have a lot space "in" the trac usual layout.

Well that's my impression


Anonymous said...

I agree with Jorge, I don't like it either.
That's wasted screen space, which is precious resource when working with two windows side by side for instance, or using small screens such as netbooks.

Cédric@camptocamp said...

Thanks for these comments. We will see how we can take these points in account.
One point: I'd like that authors are not anonymous.