Saturday, March 14, 2009

MapFish Labs: Flex prototype

Have a look at the new MapFish prototype which uses Flex technology.

This prototype is a client side application with the following functions:
- Navigation: Zoom / Pan / Full extent
- Layer Tree
- Satistical representation: chloropleth and proportional symbols
- Legend for proportional symbols
- Tooltip with hyperlink
- Higlight feature

We see Flex as an alternative to GeoExt, but Flex doesn't have currently the power of ExtJS and OpenLayers. We look forward to use OpenScales in a near future in order to create real web mapping applications with Flex.

1 comment:

Emmanuel @camptocamp said...

Hi Cédric,

really nice proof of concept.

I would suggest in on line 63 to have proportional circles:

return sqrt(_maxSize^2 * myValue / _maxValue)

rather than proportional radius.

See you,