Thursday, March 26, 2009

MapFish Print in GeoServer

For the Google Summer of code 2009, OpenGeo is thinking to adapt the MapFish print module in order to use it in GeoServer. You can see more detailed information here or here.
Currently, the MapFish print module is able to print WMS data, Tilechache data or vectors. The ease of use is also one of its strength, see here. So it is quite a good idea to use it as GeoServer plug-in.


Anonymous said...

Dear Cedric,

MapFish looks wonderful.

I am no GIS developer and new to this area, but have a project that needs to integrate Ext JS with Map stored in ArcSDE.

I have a few questions:
1. Is MapFish integrateable with JEE server like weblogic ( I read that the mapfish server component is using Pylon / PHython, something I am not familiar with).
2. My application fortunately aleardy uses Extjs but the backend is JEE (servlet) running in weblogic. Does it mean it is a dead end.
3. Are you familiar with the integration requirement above? If so, Are you available to come as consultant to our company in the Middle East. Our Map database is Arc SDE.
4. If so, kindly leave a message here, to let me know so I can be in contact with you in a more private environment(i.e email)


Cédric@camptocamp said...

Hi Martin,
Great to hear that you like MapFish.
Yes, MapFish REST API ( can be done in Java. You can already find in the svn a GeoJSON parser and writer ( In you case, this means that you need to develop the ArcSDE connector.
As we use OpenLayers to show maps, MapFish client usually accesses OGC webservices to represent data. I can imagine that your ESRI server environment will be able to expose WMS or WFS services, for example.
Regarding your consultancy request, you can contact me per email and we'll analyze how Camptocamp can support you.
Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Hi Cedric,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I tried to send you an email from my gmail account, but unfortunately the email you gave me i.e.
Cédric@camptocamp, does not get recognized by gmail.

Is there another email address I can send work related email to you.

Best Regards

Cédric@camptocamp said...


Anonymous said...

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