Friday, June 26, 2009

MapFish PHP

We've just released an implementation of the MapFish PHP server side, which is targeted at the popular Symfony framework and Doctrine ORM.
It is available as a Symfony plugin, which makes it very easy to install on any Symfony 1.2 project.

The sfMapFishPlugin packages the required libraries and tools to publish and edit your vector GIS data in a PostgreSQL/PostGIS database, by the way of a RESTful API, using the MapFish Protocol.
This includes a GeoJSON parser/writer, also available as a standalone library in MapFish SVN. It also features a print module, which can be easily deployed to output nice PDF with your maps, using the Print Protocol.

You'll find installation information on the project page:

Please keep in mind that this plugin is still in beta, and needs your testing !
We welcome your feedback on the mapfish mailing list.

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