Monday, September 6, 2010

MapFish at Foss4G

It's time for the annual geomatic FOSS event. This year, several workshops, tutorial or presentations will present the latest information about MapFish.
- On Mon 6, between 15h and 18h, I imagine that Eric and Bruno will illustrate the workshop "Solid web mapping with Python" with MapFish examples.
- On Thursday 9, at 11h, you'll have the possibility to make your first steps with MapFish during a tutorial.
- Tuesday 7, 16h30, "GeoExt and MapFish client components: how to migrate ?" will present the migration path from MapFish client to GeoExt.
- Tuesday 7, 16h30, "Where is MapFish going ?" will deliver some insights in the future
- Thursday 9, 9h, the MapFish print module will be introduced.
- Thursday 9, 14h, an integration of MapFish application within the DRUPAL CMS will be presented.
I probably miss some presentations related to MapFish. I look forward to meet you in Barcelona. Cu.

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Dan said...

Hi ,sounds like there were some very interesting things happening there.Could you post anything like an example or demo of the mapfish integration with drupal ,i would be very interested.