Thursday, October 22, 2009

MapFish at Foss4G: Day 3

Interesting day today. We have seen a fast growing interest for GeoExt: the tutorial was overcrowded.
Otherwise, on the presentations side, some news:
- Ingres wants to support spatial data for end of 2010. We'll see...
- Tim Schaub's presentation about OpenLayers was just perfect (The main point is summarized by Erilem's statement on twitter: no longer use Layer.GML and Layer.WFS, use Layer.Vector, Format, Protocol and Strategy)
- We can't expect MapServer to support WFS-T (this is because of its architecture, according to the presenters)
- Otherwise, PostGIS continues its succesful way

We finally made a very interesting BOF about MapFish. If you want to know more, don't miss the discussion on the mailing list.

And of course, I have to mention the nice cruise at the end of the day ;-)

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