Friday, October 23, 2009

MapFish at Foss4G: Day 4

Last day at Foss4G:
- It started early by a presentation of GeoBretagne from Eric and Claude: MapFish in a java environment for SDI based on OWS.
- Geoprisma has been introduced and we have to follow this tool used for the securization of SDI infrastructure.
- Overcrowded rooms for the MapFish (presentation) and GeoExt (presentation) presentations.
- MapServer vs GeoServer: advantage to MapServer

Picture of yesterday's MapFish BOF (summary of the BOF)

And an encouraging graph at the end: the frequentation of the MapFish website:

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Anonymous said...

About GeoPrisma : the dynamic UI generation is the second "pillar" of GP (security being the other one) and that is worth mentioning as a lot of folks caught up on that at FOSS4G rather than security. We're transitioning the collaborative infrastructure to a public access server and we'll soon announce it.

Cheers !