Thursday, January 8, 2009

MapFish Goes 3D!

MapFish's got a new dimension. I just wrote a demo that shows how to use Google Earth Plugin with MapFish. MapFish on the left, GE on the right.

There's a full real-time interaction between MapFish and GE. Translation and rotation of special MapFish tool moves GE camera. Panning and camera tilting on GE side moves MapFish tool.

And during your visit of San Francisco, don't forget to have a look at the still-to-be-built New Bay Bridge (north-east of downtown SF).

Let's fly!

Oh yes, and sorry but GE Plugin is not yet available for GNU/Linux.


Unknown said...

There are some bug. If you zoom with OpenLayers the tool is place at the default position. If you move in Google Earth the OSM map is not center to the view.

Cédric Moullet said...

This was both design decision to simplify the code. We took the approach to guide the 3D with the 2D view. Of course, your proposals would be implementable.

Unknown said...

Is the 3D demo offline? Link 'Let's fly seems broken'

Cédric Moullet said...

This demo is now in GeoExt. I changed the link.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cedric, It seems that Let's fly link is broken. It is showing 404 status. Can you please update the link?