Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Studio: Beta for the MapFile Manager

A previous post introduced a new administration tool: Studio is born !
One component of Studio is the MapFile editor. You can have a look at a video introducing the MapFile editor.. It is also possible to test it live (create your own account with register function).

We are currently working on extending the capabilities of Studio and the goal is to offer three main components:
- A tool to manage the data sources
- A tool to manage and edit MapFiles
- A tool to generate MapFish sites, with view, edit, search and query capabilities.

Studio will allow the administration of the MapFish functionalities:

But, it is also possible to use Studio as a standalone tool, in order, for example, to edit MapFiles.

Be warned: in order to fix Studio Beta, it is possible that the Studio demo site will be redeployed. In this case, your account / mapfiles will be deleted.


Anonymous said...

If studio can load an existing -- usually not working ;-) -- mapfile and fill in the boxes, that would be a nice debugging help. Of course, starting a mapfile with the studio should avoid someone forgetting to set a symbol or something and wondering why the map doesn't show up. The trickiest part for me has always been the syntax of mapfile objects as a function of MapServer version (I saw 2 querymap syntaxes just recently while googling).

Studio may fill what I consider an important integrator gap in the "C/Python" FOSS4G world: easy data configuration. Thanx for this great effort !

Tim Schaub said...

Nice work guys! Cool to see this coming together. I see that at least the MultiSlider widget comes from our Styler app. Guess we should put a license on that huh?

Hope we find more places where we can share code.